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You will Keep Body & Mind IN-MotioN with this body-weight 10-station, 200-rep program that burns fat and builds muscle in approximately one hour of your week! This circuit style 20-minute routine can be completed from anywhere, while at home or while traveling! And, as you progress, you may add dumbbells for a more challenging workout!  Keep consistent 3 days a week for 4 weeks and feel leaner, stronger and more confident in body, mind and soul!  
The only equipment needed is a pull-up bar, but if not available, no worries,  convenient alternatives to the exercise are cited! 
If you do the moves, you will get results!

(Due to the nature of digital products, you will receive access to the porgram at the time of purchase via email download link. As a result, I am not able to offer refunds. If a problem with file reception, pleae contact us.)

IN-MotioN Total Body Blast Workout

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