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Keeping Body & Mind IN-MotioN

Hey there! My name is Angie and welcome to my website and my first blog! So a little intro about myself …I'm a wellness and fitness enthusiast and instructor having been in the fitness industry for 13 years. I began in 2010 with a brick and mortar studio offering SPIN to begin with and acquiring more space for bootcamps, yoga and several other fitness modalities. My studio was my baby, as I nurtured it, it grew, and I was blessed to help many people in their wellness and fitness journeys for 10 years. Life happens, I moved away, sold the studios, and taught a few classes a week at a local studio in my new area, and then...moved back to my hometown, just in the past 4 months. I was missing something, not having my studio baby I suppose, so into the virtual world of wellness and fitness I have integrated. I'm also in the process of building a home studio space to begin teaching virtually (as well as to keep myself grounded), while also teaching a few yoga classes a week here in my small hometown. My passion is to inspire and guide you in your healthy living journey through the basics of a healthy living lifestyle...healthy nutrition, movement, and positive mindset, and maybe bring some sunshine to your day!

In this blog I will be sharing healthy living tips and guidance in the areas of nutrition, fitness and general wellness to hopefully inspire you in your personal journey, along with some of my own personal hacks, endeavors, adventures, stumbling blocks and my own path of simply Keeping Body & Mind IN-MotioN. Join me in this blogging journey and take away any inspiration and motivation to support your individual IN-MotioN healthy living lifestyle!


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